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In Women As/In Art, artist Leah Schrager and gallerist Emerald Gruin interview creators, critics, and curators about the role of women as and/or in art in history, the contemporary gallery scene, and online. Be she model, muse, co-creator, artist, painter, performer or X, where and how do women find agency and empowerment in art? Has the place of women as and/or in art changed over time and across different media? Can a woman just be art? Drawing from Schrager’s own experience as an artist whose “deceptively complex brand of feminism, expressed through the unashamed sexuality of her beautifully abstracted self portraits, makes her voice unique among new media artists” (ArtSlant, 2017), this podcast explores commercialism, sexuality, appropriation, celebrity culture, digital identity, and more through conversations with some of the art world’s most compelling and controversial figures.

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