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Episode 12: Serwah Attafuah

Serwah Attafuah, an Indigenous Australian artist, tells us about her journey of creating digital art in the 2010s and now selling her stunning...

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Episode 11: Ariana Page Russell

This week on WAIA, we sit down with Ariana Page Russell and muse over the power balance between model and artist, the line...

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Episode 10: Elena Zavelev

Elena Zavelev discusses digital art in physical spaces, finding the right collectors, reproduction vs value, opportunities for women artists in Web3, art as...

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Episode 9: Penny Slinger

Penny Slinger sits down with us to discuss multimedia as cross-fertilization, the changing fashions of art and digital collage, the danger of the...

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Episode 8: Grace Graupe-Pillard

Grace Graupe-Pillard speaks with us about ambition, showing work in the internet era, activism in art, body acceptance in your 70s, and windows...

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Episode 7: Ann Hirsch

The legendary Ann Hirsch brings her usual directness and keen observations to our conversation! She explains what makes a selfie by an artist...

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