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Episode 20: Kurt McVey

Kurt McVey takes us on an insightful journey through the search for fresh art amidst staid institutions. He also asks Leah some wonderfully poignant questions about pregnancy and the transition into motherhood as an artist. Look for some of the artists he mentions in our conversation – Junyu Liu, Alex and Allison Grey, and Jennifer Elster – as well as events he’s involved with coming up at Ma’s House on the Shinnecock Reservation & Little Beach Harvest in July.

Kurt McVey is a writer, artist, curator, producer, and performer living in New York City. He has contributed to The New York Times, T Magazine, Interview Magazine, Vanity Fair, PAPER Magazine, Rolling Stone, ArtNet News, Whitehot Magazine, Architectural Digest, Forbes, and many more. He is now a partner in the Venture Capital Studio, Radiical Systems.


Instagram: @whyankombone

X: @kurtmcvey