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Episode 21: Emerald Gruin interviews Scosha Woolridge

Scosha is a jewelry designer that has evolved her collections as wearable art as a way to tell story, by collecting and collaging the body through intricate, playful and colorful decoration. This acts as a celebration of ones personal connection to nostalgia and linking us to our our past. She finds the common thread that we so long for,  that identifies where you fit and belong while passing down traditions. 

Scosha’s designs find beauty in the imperfect, the kooky, and the one-off. Where others see an inclusion in a diamond as a blemish, Scosha sees a unique birthmark to be celebrated. The Scosha aesthetic is a colorful, creative combustion of Art meets Artifact. Blending the raw with the refined is a Signature Scosha.

Scosha moved from Sydney Australia to New York in 2005 after traveling extensively through Brazil, Turkey, Italy, India and many other places and still to this day plus from those experiences and draws inspiration for her eclectic jewelry design pieces.