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Episode 15: OONA

Ona meets OONA, as Leah gets to know the anonymous artist’s ideas on the value of female artists, applying the tenets of cryptocurrency to fine art, wallet washing, manipulating social value, faceless performance art, CCTV’s complicity in the male gaze, misgendering, and the innocence (or not) of lambs being led to slaughter in the era of social media.

About OONA. OONA doesn’t really exist, but she takes herself very seriously, so you should too. OONA is an anonymous conceptual artist whose practice explores the intersections of technology, finance, gender, and identity. Through moving image and performance art, OONA exposes the collision between progressive technologies and socially regressive ideas, offering a critical perspective on the contemporary cultural landscape. OONA was born on November 1st, 2021 in the Holy See. She has exhibited her works internationally at prestigious venues, including Art Basel Miami 2022, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, Proof of People London, Proof of People New York, and Avalanche Summit Barcelona. OONA’s performances and exhibitions have garnered critical acclaim and attention from collectors and curators. She has been featured in numerous publications and her work is held in private and public collections. OONA is important.