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Being a Guest on Women As/In Art

Thanks so much for your interest in being a guest on Women As/In Art! Below is a little about the podcast plus everything you need to know to book a slot, show up prepared, and do some social media promotion once it’s published.

In Women As/In Art, artist Leah Schrager interviews creators, critics, and curators about the role of women as and/or in art in history, the contemporary gallery scene, and online. Be she model, muse, co-creator, artist, painter, performer or X, where and how do women find agency and empowerment in art? Has the place of women as and/or in art changed over time and across different media? Can a woman just be art? Drawing from her own experience as an artist whose “deceptively complex brand of feminism, expressed through the unashamed sexuality of her beautifully abstracted self portraits, makes her voice unique among new media artists” (ArtSlant, 2017), Schrager explores commercialism, sexuality, appropriation, celebrity culture, digital identity, and more through her conversations with some of the art world’s most compelling and controversial figures

Step 1: Choose your podcast recording date

Here is the link for you to choose a slot from my available dates. The booking process also includes a few questions – name, email, short bio, website, and social media links – and we appreciate your answering them during this process so we can stay organized and promote your episode effectively. If there’s a time that’s best for you that you don’t see, please just let me know! Sometimes the schedule is booked pretty far out, so please scroll ahead a couple months if you don’t see anything available:

Step 2: Follow us on social media

In order for us to promote your podcast interview after publication (and for you to do cross-promotion), we will need to @ you on all our social media posts. In order for us to do that in the most efficient way possible, please like or follow these three accounts:

Step 3: Prepare your set-up

The interview is conducted via Squadcast, which does not require any special software but instead works right within your internet browser (ideally Chrome or Firefox). You do need to be on a computer (not a phone) with internet connection. You will receive a link via email to your Squadcast session a few minutes before your time slot, and all you’ll have to do is click on it, it will open in your browser, then you’ll click “Join” and  Leah will be there waiting for you. Once we’re in there together, we’ll take a few minutes to make sure the settings are correct. If you have one and know how to use it, please use an external microphone and wear headphones. But if you don’t, it’s no problem. If you have any trouble accessing the session, email

Step 4: Questions to Consider in Advance

– What do you see as your place in the art world?
– What do you consider the biggest challenges and opportunities for women in art now?
– How has the place of women in and/or as art changed over time and across different media?
– What’s your take on the relationship between feminism and art?
– Can a woman just be art?
– Name some female artists you’re excited about and why.