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Carolee Schneemann

Episode 9: Penny Slinger

Penny Slinger sits down with us to discuss multimedia as cross-fertilization, the changing fashions of art and digital collage, the danger of the addiction to “Like”s and the power in choosing our own worth, hidden artists, tantric book burnings, the expression of the feminine, and Frida Kahlo’s ruthless honesty. Penny Slinger (b. 1947, London, UK)…

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Episode 8: Grace Graupe-Pillard

Grace Graupe-Pillard speaks with us about ambition, showing work in the internet era, activism in art, body acceptance in your 70s, and windows as vaginas. Bio: Grace Graupe-Pillard has exhibited her artwork throughout the USA with one-person exhibitions in Hartford, CT., Jackson MS., Chicago Ill., Newark, NJ, in addition in NYC at The Untitled Space,The…

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Episode 1: Kathy Battista

Kathy Battista is a writer, curator, and educator. We discuss the increase in representation of women in the art world since Kathy first started writing in the 1990s about feminist art, how older female artists are having their selling heyday, and much more. Image credit: Martine Gutierrez, Girl Friends (Anita and Marie), 2019. © Martine Gutierrez;…

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