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Laura Weyl

Episode 16: Alexandra Schwartz

This week, the brilliant Alexandra Schwartz considers pay equity in arts institutions, craft traditions’ roles in art history, the re-evaluation of feminism post-Hillary Clinton, cultural determinism in fashion, the parallels between podcasting and curation, and if a selfie can ever be considered craft art. Alexandra Schwartz, Ph.D., is Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art, Craft,…

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Episode 2: Emerald Gruin on Frieze LA, motherhood, & Artist!

Emerald Gruin, owner of Gruin Gallery, has had an exciting career of showing new, emerging, and mid-career artists in LA and NYC. We chat in her living room the week after Frieze LA ’23. She shares her thoughts on Frieze LA, how motherhood has changed her, and her current show up (Dale Frank’s Artist!). Photo…

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