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Episode 7: Ann Hirsch

The legendary Ann Hirsch brings her usual directness and keen observations to our conversation! She explains what makes a selfie by an artist different from a selfie taken by “just anyone,” discusses the female body as a performance versus painting, and explains her “sex-friendly” stance. She says her title statement of Body Anxiety (an online…

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Episode 4: Laura Weyl

Episode 4 interviews Laura Weyl on motherhood, photography, feminism, and all the juicy stuff! Laura Weyl aka Metagasm is a New York City based  filmmaker, photographer, and multi-media artist.  Her art explores sexuality, the urban landscape, and analog image manipulations to create visceral, poetic visual worlds.  She been exhibited in galleries and event spaces including…

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Episode 2: Emerald Gruin on Frieze LA, motherhood, & Artist!

Emerald Gruin, owner of Gruin Gallery, has had an exciting career of showing new, emerging, and mid-career artists in LA and NYC. We chat in her living room the week after Frieze LA ’23. She shares her thoughts on Frieze LA, how motherhood has changed her, and her current show up (Dale Frank’s Artist!). Photo…

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