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Adrian Piper

Episode 16: Alexandra Schwartz

This week, the brilliant Alexandra Schwartz considers pay equity in arts institutions, craft traditions’ roles in art history, the re-evaluation of feminism post-Hillary Clinton, cultural determinism in fashion, the parallels between podcasting and curation, and if a selfie can ever be considered craft art. Alexandra Schwartz, Ph.D., is Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art, Craft,…

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Episode 11: Ariana Page Russell

This week on WAIA, we sit down with Ariana Page Russell and muse over the power balance between model and artist, the line between beauty and disgust, embracing imperfect birth stories, making the private public, feminism in and out of the work, the ability to exist artfully, and… kelp! Ariana Page Russell is a visual…

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Episode 3: Ana Finel Honigman

Episode 3 interviews Ana Finel Honigman on leaving NYC, MLM scams, hot girl art, Richard Prince, Emily Ratajkowski, and much more. Ana FInel Honigman has been writing about art, with a focus on sexuality, sex work, mental health, and gender, for twenty years. She’s been published in Artforum, ArtReview, Frieze, Art in America, the New York…

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