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Episode 3: Ana Finel Honigman

Episode 3 interviews Ana Finel Honigman on leaving NYC, MLM scams, hot girl art, Richard Prince, Emily Ratajkowski, and much more.

Ana FInel Honigman has been writing about art, with a focus on sexuality, sex work, mental health, and gender, for twenty years. She’s been published in Artforum, ArtReview, Frieze, Art in America, the New York Times, the Guardian, and Vogue. She received her doctorate in 2013 from Oxford on a topic that’s much discussed now; how female celebrities’ vulnerabilities were exploited and abused in popular media but treated with empathy by their contemporaries in the art-world. Her recent books have been about cult artists and fashion designer, Akexander McQueen. Several years ago, she moved from her home in Berlin to Baltimore to complete a Masters in Mental Health counseling at Johns Hopkins and now works part-time as a therapist in DC, alongside art reviewing and related work.

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