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Episode 3: Ana Finel Honigman

Episode 3 interviews Ana Finel Honigman on leaving NYC, MLM scams, hot girl art, Richard Prince, Emily Ratajkowski, and much more. Ana FInel Honigman has been writing about art, with a focus on sexuality, sex work, mental health, and gender, for twenty years. She’s been published in Artforum, ArtReview, Frieze, Art in America, the New York…

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Episode 1: Kathy Battista

Kathy Battista is a writer, curator, and educator. We discuss the increase in representation of women in the art world since Kathy first started writing in the 1990s about feminist art, how older female artists are having their selling heyday, and much more. Image credit: Martine Gutierrez, Girl Friends (Anita and Marie), 2019. © Martine Gutierrez;…

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